Candy Crush Level 180 Cheats and Tips


All the ingredients are already on the board at the start of this level, which gives you a chance to plan your strategy. And where the ingredients start is very important – if you get a board where the ingredients are spread out with one in the middle, and one on the right, reshuffle it (if you’re using an iPhone), until you get two ingredients close together.

There are 4-hit meringues and locked candies blocking your exits, use a horizontal striped candy to clear the meringues if you can, then a vertical candy to shoot the ingredients down through the bombs.

As a side note, you don’t need to remove the candy time bombs unless they are in the way of the ingredients on this level: they’re 35-move bombs, and you have 35 moves, so work it out!

• In this level you need to bring down all the ingredients.
• Do not worry about clearing bombs right away.
• They will not detonate because they are in the same amount of moves that you have to beat the level.
• Only clear rows with ingredients in them.
• This will save you time not clearing everything on the board.
• Clear the meringue then the candy bombs that you need to get through to make a pathway down to the bottom.


In Candy Crush Saga level 180 you need to bring the ingredients down to the bottom and score 45,000 points to complete the level.

You are faced with the challenge of getting three ingredients down in level 180 with a row of four-layered meringue and two rows of 35 move bombs encased in licorice. With just 35 moves, this is a tricky level to complete.

It is easy to get carried away with trying to remove the bombs on level 180. However, this is not necessary, apart from those that are in the way of the ingredients falling down. Therefore focus on clearing a path instead and try to view the bombs as if they were normal candies. It can be useful to use striped candies to help with clearing the blockers. A low down horizontal stripe can do a lot of damage but a vertical stripe can also help. A stripe and wrapped combination is very useful but wrapped on its own can also be good. Color bomb can be good for clearing the odd candy blocking the path of the ingredient but combined with a wrapped or striped candy it can do a lot of useful damage. Having a special candy at the end of the game, to help an ingredient fall off the board can he very useful.

Extra move boosters could be useful on level 180 as could starting with a special candy. However, it is possible to make special candies and so it may be wise not to waste a booster.


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