Candy Crush Level 181 Cheats and Tips


You may start off wondering: where are the ingredients? Erm, yeah, look on the left and the right of the board, they’re right there perched on top of the isolated blocks of increasing-layered-meringues.

Clearing the meringues in the middle is easy enough: they’re only one hit. Then focus on making horizontal combos to complete this level – wrapped candies + striped candies or colour bombs + striped candies are the best: colour bomb and colour bomb or colour bomb and wrapped are very ineffective, so don’t bother.

Getting the right combos, and getting them in the right place, is the only way you’re going to get through this level, so good luck!

• In this level you need to bring all the ingredients down to the bottom.
• First clear the middle section of meringue.
• That way you will have more room to make horizontal striped candies to clear the double meringues on the sides to bring ingredients down.
• You need to really focus on making combo candies like a color bomb + a wrapped or a color bomb + a striped candy.
• This will increase your chances of knocking out a lot of meringue on the sides.
• Think before you move.


In Candy crush Saga level 181 you need to bring the ingredients down to the bottom and score 20,000 points.

The board layout, makes level 181 complicated. The two ingredients are in columns on the far left and right side which are separate to the main board. Below each ingredients there is four multi-layered meringues to knock through before the ingredient can be collected. The first and last have three layers and the middle have four layers. This board is mainly covered in single meringues.

You need to start by clearing a few of the single meringue layers. You have no choice but to do this anyway. After your first few moves you need to start looking for opportunities to make special candies. You will need to clear the double-layered meringues by activating special candies that move horizontally. Therefore the horizontal striped ones are very useful. However, if you can combine a stripe and wrapped candy at the right level of the board then you can clear a lot more layers of meringue, so using a striped and wrapped booster at the beginning of the game could be useful. A colour bomb and striped might also be good, if you have enough of the colour that you are combining it with to give a big enough chance of removing some of the meringue layers. A lollipop hammer could be useful if you have just a tin or two to remove at the end of the game. Once the multi-layered meringues are removed, the ingredients will fall down and you will win level 181.

You will need some luck and a lot of patience with this level as it relies on you making lots of special candies to win.


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