Candy Crush Level 182 Cheats and Tips


First, take it slow and work out your plan to remove the 10 move candy time bombs. There will be a way to remove them all, so plan it out, and destroy them.

Once they’re gone, start working as quickly as you can and focus on the candy in the top right hand quadrant of the board – you can safely ignore the chocolate in the bottom right hand quadrant, unless you get lucky and break through there: you can make the score required without removing the chocolate.

Grab +5 candies whenever you get a chance, and look out for potential match-4s, and you’ll candy crush your way to a Sugar Rush in no time.

• This is a timed level.
• You need to score 30,000 points in 120 seconds.
• First work on destroying the timed candy bombs.
• Remember the candy bombs will give you 3,000 points per every one you destroy.
• After that work on candy in the top right hand corner to avoid spreading chocolate.
• Grab all the +5 candies you see to give you extra time.
• Make lots of striped, wrapped, and combo candies as you can to give you more points.
• Don’t waste your time.


In Candy Crush Saga level 182 you need to score 30,000 points in the 120 second time limit.

The board on level 182 is split into 4 4×4 squares. The top left has 4 bombs in it with 10 moves before they explode. The bottom left board has a row of meringue with four layers and they block a portal that will let candies fall through to the top right board which has a layer of licorice swirls in the bottom row. The bottom right board has chocolate which grows each move. Liquorice swirls also fall from the top of the board randomly.

You need to start by removing the bombs and then if you can, work on the chocolate. Then try to break through the meringue layers. There is very little room to make special candies, although wrapped candies would be useful for clearing the meringue and the chocolate, and striped and wrapped combinations would be even better for not only clearing blockers but scoring higher. Watch out for the extra time candies as these can help you get an extra valuable five seconds to give you more chance of making the required score. Also if you break through the meringue layers then work on the right hand side if you can because you may find that additional matches are made on the left which will earn more points.

Useful boosters to use on level 182 would be extra time, the bomb cooler and possibly the sweet tooth to remove chocolate, meringues and licorice.


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