Candy Crush Level 183 Cheats and Tips


We don’t think this level is difficult at all, but many disagree. All you need to do is line up a colour bomb with a striped candy, wait until there is plenty of candy the colour of the striped candy on the board, then detonate your combo. Do it with enough moves left to spare, and the Sugar Crush should take you over the required score.

However, if you prefer to do things the hard way, here you go: The bottom right blue teleporter goes to the purple teleporter on the lower right, the blue teleporter on the bottom left goes to the purple teleporter on the lower left. The teleporters in the middle go to the top right and top left corners. As you’re aiming to get the double jelly pieces in the upper left and right, you can waste all your moves trying to make a vertical striped candy and dropping it down into one of the outside teleporters. Or you could just take our advice in the first paragraph… seriously, it’s totally up to you.

• In this level you need to clear all the jelly.
• There are only two jellies on the board.
• You will need to create special candies to get rid of the jellies.
• Start by making a color bomb an a striped candy to really clear out the first set of jellies.
• Then either repeat the same method or just make horizontal or vertical striped candies to clear out the last jelly.


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