Candy Crush Level 184 Cheats and Tips


Keeping track of which jelly you’ve already cleared is a key to this level. The chocolate will tend to spread inside the chocolate fountain enclosure before it spreads outside, and knowing which square you’re aiming for is key.

You are going to need all the combos you can pull out of the hat. Wrapped + striped is great if you can get it down the center. Colour bomb and striped candy is good too, as is wrapped + wrapped candy set off just outside the chocolate fountain perimeter. Try to hold off on using all special candies until you can make a combo, just don’t curse too loudly when the chocolate goes straight for your carefully made colour bomb.

After every move you make that affects the candy arrangement inside the enclosure, check for any further matches in there. This one is pretty horrible, as far as level goes, so have the magic ingredients of patience and persistence to hand.

• In this level you need to clear all the jelly.
• First start making moves inside the jelly.
• Try to make as many moves as possible before losing track in the chocolate which moves you have cleared.
• Don’t waste your time completely clearing chocolate because it’s just going to come back.
• If you are out of moves in the inside jellies you will need to make striped candies to clear the remaining jellies.
• Think before you make each move and how it will impact you.


Candy Crush level 184 is the 2nd to last level before the Cupcake Circus episode is over. This is one of the most difficult levels in Candy Crush Saga and 14% of people stop playing the game on this level because they cannot beat it. To beat level 184, you must clear 11 jelly squares and score 25,000 points. This level is difficult because the 11 jelly squares are located inside the chocolate fountain fortress. The only way to get to these jelly squares is by using special candies.

To destroy the jelly squares behind the chocolate fountains, you must use either stripped candies or wrapped candies. It will become very difficult to make these candies if you let the chocolate get too out of control so its good to remember to try and keep it in control. You can either make vertically striped candies and crush them above the fountains at the top of the board but that’s somewhat difficult. If you can make horizontally striped candies and get them to the left and right of the chocolate fountains, you can crush a row of jelly squares.

We found that another great way to crush the jelly squares is by getting a wrapped/wrapped candy combination towards the bottom of the board. When you crush those special candies together, you can reach pretty much all the jelly squares with the 16 square diameter explosion. To watch how to beat candy crush level 184 check out the video below.


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