Candy Crush Level 185 Cheats and Tips


There are only 4 candy colours in play on this level, so you’ll be making big matches without even trying. Keep working on the 4-hit meringues on the sides to get to the ingredients, then, when the ingredients are down the bottom, focus on which candies you need to finally clear the ingredients off the board.

It should be pretty easy on this level to mix a colour bomb with another special candy, due to there being so few colours on the board – even with another colour bomb. If you’re stuck with the final candies at the bottom, try to look for match-5s up top and make the candy combo you need.

• In this level you need to bring all the ingredients down to the bottom.
• First you need to start clearing the meringue wall.
• To even get the ingredients to fall anywhere you need to clear the 4-layer meringue.
• Once you clear out that first column start working are the far left and far right columns.
• Once finished you will now have a complete pathway for ingredients to fall.
• You should also be able to make lots of combo candies considering only 4 different types of candy are in play.
• Watch your moves and don’t waste them.


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