Candy Crush Level 186 Cheats and Tips


This is the first level where you will encounter marmalade. Pay close attention to the fact marmalade ends in the world ‘malade’ – that’s French, for sick, and you’ll be pretty sick of these new candies soon!

Marmalade coated candies are covered in a translucent protective coating, like a jelly, but appear to be frozen. You will need to make a match next to a marmalade coated jelly to unlock it, then you can use it as a normal candy piece in play on the board.

There are 5 marmlade coated jellies with striped candies underneath already on the board – so all you need to do is crush through the meringues in the middle, and this level should cause no real problems.

• In this order level you need to collect 10 striped candies.
• This is the first level where you encounter marmalade.
• The only way to unlock the marmalade is to make a match next to it to open it.
• There are five marmalade coated striped candies so all you have to do is unlock them then make 5 more to complete your order.
• Start by crushing meringue in the middle section to let new candy fall in its place.
• Plan all your moves carefully so you don’t run out of moves.


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