Candy Crush Level 191 Cheats and Tips

The marmalade coated striped candy in the middle will free the two marmalade coated wrapped candy on either side and make them drop down to the 25-move time bombs. Using a colour bomb can be handy to take out the 25-move bomb in the middle – if you’re lucky you may even end up with two bombs the same colour. Otherwise, work in from the sides as best as you can.
The meringues have double jelly underneath them, so once the bombs are dealt with, work on clearing these up to complete the objectives. Striped and wrapped candy combos work really well on this particular level

• In this level you need to clear all the jelly.
• The horizontal stripped candy is going to free the far left and far right wrapped candies.
• This should make them fall down right to where the candy time bombs are.
• You can take out the two candy time bombs and just be left with the middle one.
• Now you can take that one out with a color bomb or candies.
• The color bomb would take fewer moves.
• Then start clearing the meringues.
• The meringues have double jelly under them so you should make combo candies.


In Candy Crush Saga level 191 you need to clear the jelly and score 170,000 points to complete the level.

The 50 moves you have may seem generous, but it is a large board all covered in jelly with three 25 move bombs trapped in licorice at the bottom of the board under tripe-layered meringue.

You need to start level 191 by reaching the bombs and deactivating them. This is helped by the wrapped candies that are on the board, but you still need to get the right candies to set the off and they will only help with two out of three of the bombs anyway. Using vertical striped candies could help, but you will need six of these, positioned correctly, to take out the three bombs as the licorice has to be removed first. A color bomb could help as it will take out a bomb directly if you match it with a candy of that color, but chances are you will need three as the bombs will be likely to be different colors. A wrapped and striped combination could potentially take out all of the bombs if set off to one side of them, or one or two if above them. It will also take out a significant amount of jelly and blockers too. A striped and color bomb combination would be useful as well, but it may not take out the bombs, it depends on the directions of the candies and how many there are as well as their position.

Try to ignore the jelly until the bombs are gone and then work on removing it. Start from the bottom first as there is more chance of matches taking place at the top and removing jelly. Work on the tricky corners and use as many special candies as you can, especially in combination with others, to succeed.

Boosters could be useful on level 191. The bomb cooler could be helpful if you know you are close to removing the bombs but do not have enough moves. The extra special candies that you can select at the beginning could be useful as could the jelly fish but they will be wasted if the bombs go off.



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