Candy Crush Level 196 Cheats and Tips


All the ingredients are on the board, and there are marmalade wrapped candies at the bottom. With only 20 moves, you’re going to want to aim to set those off to clear the exit path.

The candy will be replaced by licorice swirl blocks as you play through the game. As always with an ingredient level, vertical striped candies, particularly if you mix them with wrapped candy, will help you immensely and will set off the combo you need to beat the level.

• In this level you need to bring down the ingredients.
• Some candies at the bottom of the board are marmalade wrapped.
• This will be an advantage opening a clear pathway for ingredients to fall.
• Start by unlocking the wrapped candies then detonate them when the ingredients are just in their range.
• This will cause the ingredients to fall down which will complete the level.


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