Candy Crush Level 198 Cheats and Tips


Holy moly – this timed level is like Swiss cheese, and spotting the matches is very hard. Once you start freeing the marmalade coated candies, you’ll start racking up the points, but you’ll struggle until you grow accustomed to the layout.

As always, get the +5s, and extend it as long as you can – you’re going to need all the help you can get!

• This is a timed level.
• You need to score 15,000 points in 60 seconds.
• There are marmalade coated striped candies in this level and there are also gaps or holes in the level where you can’t make moves.
• First start freeing the marmalade because the striped candies will give you more points in the short time you have.
• Collect +5 candies to help you gain more time.


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