Candy Crush Level 199 Cheats and Tips

Break into the top half of the board with vertical striped candies or wrapped and striped candy combos – save any colour bombs until you can mix them with a striped candy or until you have crushed through the meringue up the top and you have candy under the jelly.

Once you’re up top, focus on making matches exclusively up there, until you run out of moves. Then play the bottom of the board again until you make a combo that moves things around up top, then play the top again. If you have any jelly remaining on the bottom half, use your final few moves to clear it up.

• In this level you need to clear all the jelly.
• First you need to clear the top half of the board.
• Make vertical striped candies to start opening the wrapped candies at the top of the screen.
• Those should detonate and clear the whole top half for you.
• Make combo candies up at the top until you run out of moves.
• This makes a cascading effect down at the bottom clearing jellies.
• Your best combo you can make to help clear the board fast is a color bomb + a striped candy.


Candy Crush level 199 is located in the Caramel Cove episode. To beat this level you must clear 72 jelly squares as well as score 145,000 points. This level is quite hard because there are so many 3 layer meringues. Over 10% of people stop playing Candy Crush because of this level. The hard part about level 199 is that the 3 layer meringue are on the top part of the board so getting to the jelly squares at the top can pretty much only be done by a vertically striped special candy.

For level 199, you want to work on getting vertically striped candy to crush the meringue at the top. Just start making vertical candies and crush them to crush the meringue at top… This will take a while but once you uncover the wrapped candies at the top from under the marmalade and hit them with the striped candy, they will do some good damage to the meringue and the jelly below it. Once you get a few squares clear at the top, you can start working from the top on this level because you probably already cleared most of the jelly squares from the bottom building the striped candies. If are a pro and you can create a striped/wrapped candy combo at the bottom that will do some great damage to the meringues at the top.

Level 199 will really teach you how to better make striped candy combinations vertically. If you can master these than you will master this level. For a video on how to beat level 199 check out below.



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