Candy Crush Level 201 Cheats and Tips


Colour bombs are the key to this level. You have three in marmalade, surrounded by meringues, and you’ll be making them on the board as you play through the level: save them all until you have around 15 moves left, then set them off, one by one, to clear the jelly in the separate blocks of four, and to create more colour bombs as the number of colours in play is reduced.

If you get a chance to mix a colour bomb with a striped or wrapped candy, take it: otherwise save them and create the chain reaction.

• In this level you need to clear all the jelly.
• All this level is about making special candy combos.
• Start by clearing the meringue so you can get to the marmalade coated color bombs.
• After all the meringues is clear start by detonating the color bombs one by one.
• Combine them with striped and wrapped candies to really clear the board fast.
• Don’t forget about the corner jellies and don’t waste your time.


Candy Crush level 201 is located in the Sweet Surprise episode of Candy Crush Saga. To beat this level you must clear 71 jelly squares and score at least 135,000 points. Level 201 is the first level in the episode so it kind of catches you off guard that it is so hard but it is mostly hard because of the 4 layer meringue. When you start this level there are 3 color bombs covered in marmalade and surrounded by 4 layer meringues.

The trick to level 201 is not worried about the color bombs so much. Many people start off and go for the color bombs and then realize the moves are out and they didn’t clear any jelly. Instead, Work on the jelly you can in the middle using special candies and the 4 layer meringues will get crushed a long the way. Just play from the bottom most part of the board and look for special candy combinations and make smart moves.

The color bomb/striped candy combination is a really good combo for this level. It can get those hard to reach jelly squares that are off the board on the bottom left and right of the screen. Remember also that there is jelly under the meringue so you HAVE to clear them eventually. Just look for the special candies and make good combos with them to clear all the jelly. For a video on how to beat level 201, check below.


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