Candy Crush Level 202 Cheats and Tips


There’s plenty of colour bombs coated in marmalade on the screen, but you still need to make some of your own. Instead of setting the colour bombs off all in one go, set them off one by one, so that you have a reduced amount of candy colours on the board to help you make the remaining colour bombs you need.

Look for opportunities to make colour bombs after every bomb you set off, and try to avoid making striped or wrapped candy – these may detonate a number of colour bombs at once, leaving you with a screen of different coloured candies which won’t help you make the ones you need.

• In this order level you need to collect 25 color bombs.
• There are 19 marmalade coated candies on the board for you.
• Do not set all the color bombs off at once.
• Set them off one by one so it’s easier to make the other 6 color bombs.
• Do not make striped or wrapped candies because they might set off all the color bombs at once.
• This level is a no brainer.


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