Candy Crush Level 205 Cheats and Tips

Use the marmalade coated colour bomb to clear a candy that appears in both the top and bottom row of licorice locked candies, so more candy comes into the field of play.Then deal with the time bombs as they appear, and keep working the ingredients down the screen.

A new ingredient won’t appear until the old one is cleared, so focus all moves that aren’t clearing bombs on clearing the ingredient. As with any ingredient level, vertical candies and wrapped and striped combos will help you on your way.

• In this level you need to bring the ingredients down to the bottom.
• First you need to clear the marmalade off of the color bomb.
• Second you need to find two of the same color candies up on the licorice cages to set off with the color bomb.
• This will be the only way to make an opening to get more candy onto the board.
• Candy time bombs will fall onto the board and you will either need to make a move with them or deal with them with a vertical striped candy.
• Lastly make a pathway for your ingredient to fall.
• The faster you do this the faster the next one will fall on the board.



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