Candy Crush Level 207 Cheats and Tips


Eight isolated jelly pieces, but a narrow grid means that you can make match 4 combos a lot more effectively. The problem is moving your special candies around to detonate them in the right place.

Move special candies the same way you would move an ingredient, being careful not to detonate it before you get it where you need it, then fire it off to hit the isolated jelly. Wrapped + striped works well on this level, and if you get a colour bomb, save it until you have just a few pieces of jelly left and know which colour you’re aiming for (unless you get a chance to mix it with a striped).

• In this level you need to clear all the jelly.
• You have 8 squares of jelly on this level.
• The only problem is there are on the outside of your play board.
• You will need to make horizontal striped candies to clear the jellies.
• Move them like you would move the ingredients in a ingredient level.
• Move to the right spot and detonate them off.
• If you can combine a striped and the color bomb candy you might be able to eliminate all the jelly in one hit.


In Candy Crush Saga level 207 you need to clear the jelly and score 20,000 points.

The board on level 207 is complicated. There is a middle section of 9 x 5 candies with a color bomb encased in licorice with no jellies. The jellies are in 8 single squares, four each side of the board. They are double jellies but at the top of each column is a vertical striped candy locked in marmalade. You have 40 moves to clear the 8 double jellies.

The hardest jellies to remove are the ones that are highest up. This means that you need to work on those first. Try to make horizontal striped combinations near the top. A wrapped and striped combination placed in the first three rows would help as well. The color bomb can be used to set off one of the vertical striped candies and is best if both are the same color, but this is rare. Play the level trying to make as many horizontal matches as possible but also looking for opportunities to make wrapped and striped combinations. A color bomb and striped could be great too if you manage to get it to make a vertical striped within either column of jelly.

If you only have a few jellies left and not many moves, then the lollipop hammer could be good to help you to complete level 207. The switching tool may also be useful. The sweet tooth booster will eat the marmalade, if you think this is necessary. Starting with an extra wrapped and striped candy could be useful but it depends on where they get placed, so the jelly fish booster could be more useful.


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