Candy Crush Level 208 Cheats and Tips


Level 208 is an order level. In this order level you will need to collect 10 striped candies and 4 color bombs. The first thing I would do is start making the color bombs. They are always hard to make when you have lots of different candies in play. Do not worry about the marmalade coated color bomb. You will waste your time trying to get it unlocked. After you have made all your color bombs begin making the striped candies. Those are super easy to make right. Don’t waste your moves and think before you make a move and how it will impact your candies.

• In this order level you need to collect 10 striped candies and 4 color bombs.
• First you need to work on making the color bombs.
• That is the hardest part.
• Do not worry about the color bomb stuck in marmalade you will spend to much time trying to unlock it.
• Just make 4 color bombs then start working on the striped candies.
• The striped candies are easy to make in this level.


In Candy Crush Saga level 208 you need to collect the orders and score 10,000 points to complete the level.
You need to collect 4 color bombs and 10 striped candies in 40 moves on level 208. With a large board, this looks fairly easy, especially with a color bomb on the board, although it is covered in marmalade and not easy to get to.

Level 208 is not as easy as it seems though, because of the shape of the board. Try to concentrate on forming the color bombs as these are harder than striped candies to get. Once you have a color bomb, use it to remove a color that will help you to make more color bombs. If you combine a color bomb and a striped candy it should allow you to get most of your striped candy quota. The bomb on the board can be distracting, trying to get it may just waste moves. Therefore, although it is worth getting if you can, do not try to set up moves to get it, but if you have a striped candy in the right place then use it.

This is a hard level and there is luck in getting the right candies to win. Therefore it can be very useful to start level 208 with a color bomb. It can also be handy to start with a striped and wrapped candy. If you can set off the color bomb with the wrapped it should help to clear the board a bit so you will find it easier to make color bombs. Extra moves could be really helpful as well, if your friends have sent you any.


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