Candy Crush Level 209 Cheats and Tips


It’s a licorice swirl fest on the board and you have four ingredients to get. Unless you can make a match that’s going to remove a licorice swirl, try to force board reshuffles by making moves that leave you with no matches to start with – then work yourself a path down through the swirl blocks for your ingredients.

Ingredients will appear every 10th move, or immediately after you’ve cleared your ingredient, so if you’ve only managed to make one clear path through the blocks, make your moves when an ingredient is due to appear to ensure that it falls into a column you can work with. Use the colour bomb to just get rid of whatever candy is sitting on top of an obstinate licorice swirl. Striped candies aren’t so effective: they won’t cut through the blocks, but they can still come in useful once the path is clear.

• In this level you need to bring down all the ingredients.
• First you need to somehow get rid of these licorice swirls..
• You also need to unlock the two marmalade coated pieces.
• This will help you get rid of a lot of licorice swirls and help bring more candies on the board.
• You get a free color bomb in this level so do not waste it.
• Combine it with a striped candy to clear twice as much licorice and to form a pathway for your ingredients.


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