Candy Crush Level 210 Cheats and Tips


There is a glitch in level 210. On Facebook matching two color bombs will not clear the licorice. You will have to combine the color bombs with striped candies to beat this level. Check out the video below. Or to make this level easier just use your mobile device. Combining two color bombs will work when using your iPhone, iPad, or other mobile device.

To clear the licorice blocks on the left hand side, you need to match a color bomb and a color bomb. Try to free one of the colour bombs from the marmalade on the top and bring it down on top of the color bombs at the bottom to get the chain reaction going.

Make any matches you can on the left whenever you get a chance and use striped and wrapped candy combos on the right to chip away at the jelly when things aren’t moving. This level is as much about luck as it is about strategy.

• In this level you need to clear all the jelly.
• If you combine a color bomb and a color bomb it will clear all the licorice for you leaving you with the whole left side filled with jelly.
• You need to bring the color bomb and color bomb together to make this happen.
• Once you clear the left side start making moves in the jelly.
• Make combo candies, color bombs, striped candies, etc.
• Once the first step is down the level becomes very easy.


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  • kat

    Hope it’s fixed soon! My phone is too small to play on and I’m getting frustrated! lol

  • kat

    Sooo…any idea how LONG IT WILL TAKE to make the 2-bomb combo work on level 210??? I can’t get level 210 on my phone. It is not giving me the same level as I am on on facebook!

  • sirzachary

    It better get fixed – I cannot beat this level – even with matching color bomb with striped candies. It is definitely about the luck of the candies that are in the grid – not skill

  • vanderklaven

    Fish booster works! Took me a week to get a free one on the daily wheel, but use the fish as often as possible and -if you’re lucky- you’ll have 2 color bombs next to each other by the time the licorice is cleared. It was actually really easy to beat this way.

  • helpseaker

    combination of two color bombs doesnt work with me… what am i doing wrong here?

  • Bored Player!

    I don’t play via facebook so can’t try doing this level on my phone. Have been trying to complete this level for ages now. Videos all show combining two chocolate balls but this doesn’t work. There are videos showing it done without double balls but strange I never seem to get boards like that, When I do break into the left side there are never any decent combinations. Wish they would sort it as I am getting really fed up.

  • Lynne Kozak

    Why aren’t I on the same level on my phone that I am on facebook? You would think i should be since they are supposed to be linked. Phone is waaaay behind so impossible to do this level on my phone. Hope “bug” gets fixed soon. Wonder how old this post is.