Candy Crush Level 213 Cheats and Tips


One of the more soul-destroying, brain numbing levels in Candy Crush Saga. No tricks or funny business – this level is a hard slog, plain and simple. Wrapped candy + wrapped candy just outside the meringue perimeter will help you out, but there’s still a lot to be done.

Once the chocolate fountains come into play you’ll have even more distractions to contend with: keep track of which jelly has been cleared so you don’t need to worry about those candy squares afterwards if the chocolate covers it up. There’s 70 pieces of jelly to get, so make the best candy combos you can to crush through the meringues and get to the jelly underneath, try to save the colour bomb until you can use it in a combo – but don’t count on it – and work, work, work.

“Enjoy the game…”

• In this level you need to clear all the jelly.
• First start by clearing your way through the meringue to make a path to the color bomb.
• There is so much jelly in this level that your best way to get the most out of your moves is to combine a striped candy and a color bomb.
• This will create more stripped candies and help you clear the board a lot faster.
• Once you clear through the meringue the chocolate will start to spread.
• Don’t really mind the chocolate but control it if it starts to take over the board.
• Any kind of combos you can make will help you get through this level.


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