Candy Crush Level 214 Cheats and Tips


Either make your own colour bomb, or free the one in the marmalade with a vertical striped candy, then combine it with a striped candy to whizz through this level.

Alternatively, you can use a combination of vertical striped candies to bring down each ingredient individually: swap candies on the bottom row to bring down whatever you can when you get a chance. There’s nothing too difficult here!

• In this level you need to bring down all the ingredients to the bottom.
• The first thing you should do is unlock the middle vertical striped candy and set it off.
• This will unlock the color bomb from the marmalade but not detonate it off yet.
• Get your ingredients as low was you can.
• This will help you before you make your big color bomb move.
• Make another striped candy and combine it with the color bomb and create even more striped candies.
• This will hopefully bring all your ingredients to the very bottom completing the level.


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