Candy Crush Level 215 Cheats and Tips


Another level without any real trick to it: if you manage to crush the meringues, you’ll have more room to get the candy combos you need to fulfill your orders, and you’ll also get to the colour bomb, but it’s an open board and there’s plenty of room to make your own.

Striped and striped should be no problem: remember you can move wrapped and striped candy around the board the same way you would with an ingredient provided you don’t detonate it. Matching colour bomb and colour bomb is more difficult: try to bring one colour bomb down on top of the other.

If you make stray wrapped candy and striped candy when you’re trying to make your colour bomb matches, try to detonate them before they detonate the colour bombs you’ve made!

• In this order level you need to collect 1 striped candy + a wrapped, 1 color bomb + a color bomb, and 1 striped + a striped.
• The first thing you should do is break the meringue blocks and the licorice cages.
• This will free the board up for you to make more matches but also will hopefully get you access to unlock the marmalade coated color bomb.
• Try to combine two color bombs together first.
• Make another color bomb now that you have more room on the board then detonate them together.
• The reason you should do the two color bombs together first is you don’t want the free color bomb to get destroyed making the other orders.
• After you complete that, make the other two orders which are simple to do now that the board is clear.


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