Candy Crush Level 218 Cheats and Tips


The jelly is isolated under licorice locked candy, but the reduced amount of candy colours on this level makes it easy to get combos up the top of the board.

Try to combine colour bomb + striped or wrapped + striped early on, then, once you’ve cleaned up the marmalade coated striped candy, use other special candy to detonate it – if you can use a striped candy to hit the isolated striped candy, it will set it off. If you get a match in the jelly area, good for you, take it, although the odds are against that happening!

• In this level you need to clear all the jelly.
• The jelly is hiding underneath the licorice cages.
• Try to clear the marmalade coated candies first.
• This will unlock them so when you use another combo, the jellies should just disappear.
• Your best option would be making a striped candy + a color bomb.
• This should clear the whole board and detonate the striped candies.


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