Candy Crush Level 219 Cheats and Tips


The top middle jelly spot is the only tricky thing on this level. In fact, it’s possible to get rid of the top middle jelly on the first move if you’re lucky. Sometimes, if you make the first match over the top middle jelly, and weaken it to single jelly, matching candy will drop into the spot and remove it.

Until you get a match that will clear the middle spot, work on the sides, eventually you’ll get a candy match fall into place that will clear the awkward spot. Then, focus all your energies on the remaining jelly. If you’re in the market for boosters, jelly fish will clear this level without even blinking.

• In this level you need to clear all the jelly.
• The very top row of jelly is the hardest to clear.
• Because once the licorice dispenser starts spawning out licorice it will be hard to get candies I there.
• Also there is a whole right in the middle so it will be hard to clear candies around that.
• So clear that row first then start at the bottom and work your way up creating a cascading effect clearing jelly.
• Don’t forget to make combos to help you.


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