Candy Crush Level 223 Cheats and Tips

As with any timed level that has time bombs, if you haven’t cleared them by the time the counter reaches 1, just let the time run out. If you’ve freed the +5s from the marmalade, they’ll turn into wrapped candy bombs, and get you more points.

There will be chances to make special candy: if you get a colour bomb use it to take out as many time bombs as you can, each one is worth 3,000 points.

• This is a timed level.
• You need to score 35,000 points in 80 seconds.
• There are candy time bombs in this level stuck between meringues.
• You need to clear those because they give you 3,000 points per bomb you clear.
• Grab +5 candies to add time to your clock.
• Make many combos when you see the opportunity for them.


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