Candy Crush Level 224 Cheats and Tips


The candy doesn’t fall the way you’d expect it to in this level, making it harder to make the orders you need. If you can steadily bring the marmalade coated colour bomb down on top of the marmalade coated striped candy, you’ll end up making multiple striped candies towards the order.

Be extremely careful not to set it off with other special candy – if you do, you may get another opportunity to make a colour bomb, but moves are limited so play it safe.

• In this order level you need to collect 1 color bomb + a striped candy and 20 striped candies.
• The first thing you should do is unlocked the marmalade coated color bomb.
• Start bringing it down without detonating it on the striped candy.
• When you set them off together it will not only complete the color bomb and striped candy order but a lot of the stripped candies orders.
• Watch your moves and do not waste them.
• If you accidentally detonate your color bomb you might not be able to make another because of the ways the candies move in this level.


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