Candy Crush Level 228 Cheats and Tips

Slog away at the centre column with horizontal striped candy and striped and wrapped combos. Work from the bottom on the chocolate as best as you can so there’s a clear chute for the ingredients when you clear the final top piece of chocolate.

The three ingredients should be piled on top of each other in the centre column if you do it this way, with one or two candies in between, so try to keep some striped candy on the botom row to clear them out when the drop happens.

• In this level you need to bring all the ingredients down to the bottom.
• In this level the ingredients will only be dropping down in the middle column.
• There are chocolate fountains at the bottom of this column that you need to control.
• Start by making any moves you can in the middle row.
• Once you’re out of moves in there make horizontal striped candies to help guide your ingredient down.
• There are only 4 types of candy in this level so it should be easy to make striped candies.


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