Candy Crush Level 229 Cheats and Tips


Half of the meringue blocks are stopping the licorice dispensers from working, the other half are stopping candy from filling the bottom of the board. Work on the bottom half until you run out of moves down there, and try to hit the meringues that are blocking the candy as much as you can.

Once you’ve crushed through the meringues that are blocking the candy, work on the jelly spots: if you accidentally free up a licorice dispenser, remember which blocks of jelly you’ve already cleared so you don’t waste moves clearing licorice you don’t need to clear. Quite a simple level.

• In this level you need to clear all the jelly.
• This level has meringue that covers licorice dispensers and that cover candy from coming down on the board.
• Make many moves on the bottom of the screen clearing as much jelly and meringue as you can.
• Try to keep meringue on the dispensers but if it happens to open just remember where you have jelly left to clear.
• Make combo candies to help you clear jelly faster.
• Don’t waste your moves.


Candy Crush Level 228 Cheats and Tips
Candy Crush Level 230 Cheats and Tips