Candy Crush Level 230 Cheats and Tips


8 nuts to collect and not a lot of candy around. Break through the meringue walls on every move to start off with, try to force a stalemate if you’re stuck with moves in the middle that aren’t crashing into the walls. As you get more candy on the board, you’ll have plenty of chances to make special candy: wrapped + wrapped works really well to crush through the walls.

It’s better to spend your moves crushing through the walls than it is swapping ingredients across columns: if you get a chance to swap a nut across into a clear column take it, but don’t waste moves setting it up. Bomb your way to freedom with wrapped candies and move your way out of the Crunchy Castle.

• In this level you need to bring down all the ingredients.
• Start by clearing meringue first because you need to get more candies on the board to create a clear path of travel for your ingredient.
• Make combo candies like a wrapped + a wrapped.
• This will help blow up the meringues fast and save you time and moves.
• Be careful of the chocolate fountain at the bottom.
• If you work fast it shouldn’t bother you.
• Just control the chocolate if it spreads everywhere.


Candy Crush Level 229 Cheats and Tips
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