Candy Crush Level 233 Cheats and Tips


Very much a ‘luck of the draw’ level: unless you’re able to make a chain reaction with the surprise bags in your first few moves, you may as well exit and restart. Some of the surprise bags may very well have 5 move bombs inside them, too, not to mention chocolate, so try to take them out with one blast

Once you’ve used all the ammo, you’ll probably still have a few spots of jelly left under the candy. Work as best as you can to clear them up with the limited amount of moves you have – striped and wrapped combos will do a lot of damage on this level, and if you have jelly fish remaining from the bags, try to mix them with a special candy.

• In this level you need to clear all the jelly.
• Start by looking at the board see if you can make any moves at all on the right side.
• You need to clear the meringue at the bottom to make candies fall to the left side.
• If there are no moves to be made on the rights either reset your board or start opening the mystery eggs.
• You should really wait to clear these when you have candies falling on the left side but if you can’t make any moves you will have to use them.
• Clear anything bad that comes out of them right away.


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