Candy Crush Level 234 Cheats and Tips


If the surprise bags are nice to you, this level is no problem. The ingredients will drop from the top, down the two side notches, and into the bottom as you hit them with striped and striped + wrapped candy. Just go a bit mad and combine whatever you want without even looking at the ingredients, and you’ll still get through this!

• In this level you need to bring all the ingredients down to the bottom.
• It’s confusing at first where the ingredients will be falling.
• They will go to either the far left or far right side of the board.
• After they go through those transporters they will fall down to the bottom of the screen.
• You need to have the bottom always cleared so the ingredients can fall there.
• Clear out licorice swirls as soon as you see them.
• Open your mystery eggs and see what kind of combos or evil things they give you.
• If you get good stuff the level will be super easy to complete.


In Candy Crush Saga level 234 you need to bring down the ingredients and score 40,000 points.

You have 40 moves to bring down four ingredients and you start with two. There is a 5×5 board in the middle and some single squares two to the right and left and two at the top and bottom. These have portals so that the ingredients have to pass to both side squares and then to the bottom one and out. To make matters more difficult the bottom squares have licorice swirl makers in them, which produce it randomly. You also start with five mystery candies on level 234 which if you are lucky, could turn to useful special candies.

The best technique is to work on the lower squares. Shoot down vertical striped candies to remove the candy from it and move the ingredient down one place. You could also activate horizontal candies to remove candies from the squares on the sides when the ingredients are above them. Once you remove a candy from the board another drops down.

A stripe and wrapped combination could be useful if it is positioned in a useful place. A color bomb can be useful to remove candies that are blocking the ingredients from dropping down or in combination with a striped candy could even potentially move them off the board.

Boosters are not that helpful in level 234. Starting with a stripe and wrapped booster could be helpful as could extra moves, but this is down to luck really and they could be wasted. In game boosters are unlikely to be much help either although the switch tool could be used to make a useful special candy.


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