Candy Crush Level 235 Cheats and Tips

This level turns things up a notch: there’s a wall of tough meringues with a few nice and nasty surprise bags inside, and jelly under every square. You’re going to need to make some colour bomb combos to get through this one: wrapped and wrapped is also good to eat through the meringues. There is no ‘trick’ to this level: just standard Candy Crush Saga strategy, making the best matches and combos you can.

• In this level you need to clear all the jelly.
• In this level there is jelly underneath every square.
• You will need to make some serious combos to get all the meringue and double jelly cleared in time.
• Be careful with the mystery eggs in this one because they are filled with some good and nasty surprises.
• Use them to your advantage to help you clear this level fast.
• Make wrapped and wrapped candies together to destroy meringue faster.
• Also combine a striped and color bomb together to really clear all the jellies you have left.


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