Candy Crush Level 238 Cheats and Tips


The holes and notches on this ingredient level mean you’ll need all your ingredient swapping expertise to bring them down the board. Read our tips page for a guide on moving ingredients around, although you should know all about that by now! When you’re trying to clear the bottom candy from the exit slot, you’ll either need a vertical striped candy or two of the same candy type above the ingredient to swap it out. They’re the most difficult candy to clear on the board, so keep looking for opportunities.

The surprise bags may hold something useful, but just in case there’s a meringue in there, try to open them whilst they’re still up the top of the board.

• In this level you need to bring all the ingredients down to the bottom.
• There are holes and curves in this level, so you will need to be good at transferring ingredients to other columns on the board.
• Once you get the ingredients in the right column you should maker vertical striped candies to clear them faster.
• The mystery eggs should have some striped candies in them to help you.
• Remember after 10 moves your next ingredient will drop down so remember to place it in a column that has a clear pathway down.


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