Candy Crush Level 240 Cheats and Tips


The luck of the fall will greatly influence the outcome of this level. Use whatever you get to open the surprise bags, then use whatever is in the surprise bags to diffuse the bombs. With a little bit of luck you’ll have some striped candy or colour bombs on the board to start to help you towards your order.

The best way to match two colour bombs is to bring one down on top or to the side of the other: you cannot move colour bombs across columns, so if you make one that’s too far away from the other, you may was well detonate it and use the resulting reduced candy to try and make another.

• In this order level you need to collect 1 color bomb + a color bomb, and 1 striped + a striped candy.
• You need to fist open a pathway to all the mystery eggs on the bottom of the board.
• Clear the meringue and start opening the eggs.
• These should help you defuse the candy time bombs that are in the way.
• This also might help you finish the striped + the striped order.
• Be careful if a color bomb is given not to defuse it until you make the second.
• Watch your moves because you don’t get a lot.


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