Candy Crush Level 242 Cheats and Tips


You should have a full grasp on how to move ingredients around a board by now, if you find yourself stuck, check out our ingredient swapping guide on our tips and hints page. You’ll need to move ingredients across columns a lot on this level to get them into the right exit columns.

If you end up with a pile of ingredients and an isolated candy blocking their path, you’ll need to focus on making a special candy up the to to take it out. A colour bomb is particularly handy so keep looking for the match-5s.

• In this level you need to bring down all the ingredients.
• You will need to move your ingredients inward.
• You should be a pro by now with moving ingredients around the board.
• You have had many levels to practice on.
• Make sure you are moving these ingredients inward as fast as you can because other ingredients will start falling down making it harder to get them over.
• Use the mystery eggs to help you get striped candies to create a clear path for ingredients to travel.
• Make combos and watch your moves because their limited.


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