Candy Crush Level 244 Cheats and Tips


Wrapped candy is pretty much useless on this level, although if you combine it with a jelly fish or with a striped candy, it will reach those hard to get jelly.

Keep opening up the surprise bags as they appear on the board and use whatever they give you in the best candy combos you can make. If you can drop a horizontal striped bomb onto the bottom row of jelly then detonate it with a vertical striped candy, that will go a long way to getting through this level.

• In this level you need to clear all the jelly.
• The way the board is set us, the only thing that will clear the jellies is striped candies.
• Start by seeing if you can make any matches in the columns with the striped candies.
• After that make horizontal and vertical striped candies to clear the jelly.
• Yes combo candies will help you but make more striped candies than other combos.
• Every time you see a mystery egg open it because it might just give you free combos.


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