Candy Crush Level 245 Cheats and Tips


Combine striped and wrapped candy on an open board, with surprise bags and lucky candy falling down in between the bombs? Erm, alrighty then. Obviously dealing with the bombs is as big a priority as making the orders – so start by clearing the one in the middle. Then just try to keep on top of them as they appear – remember, if you make your order of wrapped + striped, you’re likely to take out the bombs with it.

If you get a wrapped candy on one quarter of the board, don’t bother making any more wrapped candy unless it is in the opposite quarter of the board: just focus on getting a striped candy down there to make your order. When you mix your wrapped candy with a striped candy, it will just wipe out any other special candy that you’ve saved for later, so keep your focus.

Sometimes you’ll get a marmalade coated wrapped candy from a surprise bag, although you’re just as likely to get chocolate or a multi-layer meringue. Open up the bags as soon as you can, but only one at a time, to save you from prematurely detonating a special candy. If it’s something useful, work out the moves you need to make your combo, if it’s something nasty, destroy it. The odd meringue won’t mess up your game, although spawning chocolate will.

The real trick is to use colour bombs to take out one or two colours and leave you with more opportunities to make wrapped candies, but even that’s a long shot. Play very slow and think ahead: planning and strategizing is the only way you’ll get through. It’s an evil level for the wall of shame.

• In this order level you need to collect 5 striped + wrapped candies.
• First start by making the wrapped candies.
• They are harder to make then the striped candies.
• If you see mystery eggs open them up to see what kinds of combos are hiding inside.
• Most of the time it’s striped or wrapped candies.
• There are also candy time bombs that will be falling down.
• Start by clearing them when they have around 5 moves left.
• Watch every move you make.
• Make sure you think before you move because moves are limited.


In Candy Crush Saga Level 245 the aim is to get a score of 140,000 as well as collecting five wrapped candy and striped candy combinations.

It is difficult enough to get these combinations anyway but there is additional difficulty by random bombs falling from the top of the board. There are also mystery candies falling down. These can be great if they have a striped or wrapped candy inside them, but they can, of course, contain bombs, blockers and other annoying items.

Wrapped candies are the hardest to make from the two so make sure that if you have the opportunity to make one, do not make a striped instead. If you have a striped and wrapped together then take the opportunity to combine them because they may get split or set of individually otherwise.

Keep a constant look out for bombs that have fallen down on level 245. Although you get 12 moves before you have to destroy them, it can be best to try to do it as soon as you have the opportunity or else you may not get another chance. If you see several opportunities on the board to destroy bombs or make special candies then do the ones that are higher first as they will not disturb the lower part of the board so you will have the opportunity to do both moves.

If you can make a color bomb, then this can be worthwhile. You can use it to destroy bombs if you need to or just remove one color form the board which could increase your chances of making wrapped and striped candies. Using a color bomb in combination with a stripe or wrapped candy is something that should be avoided though, unless you have a bomb about to go off and are desperate to destroy it. The same goes for two color bombs as this would remove any special candies that you have formed.

Extra move boosters could be handy and starting with a wrapped and striped special candy could also be useful on level 245.


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