Candy Crush Level 249 Cheats and Tips


Use the coconut wheels to open up the board, send one right, then send one left. If you’ve still not made a dent in the meringue, try to strategically force reshuffles to break through the top row.

Once you’re through, there’s not a lot to this level. There’s not many colours of candy, so making matches to bring the ingredients down is fairly simple.

• In this level you need to bring the ingredients down to the bottom.
• Start by clearing through the layer of meringue.
• Any move you can make on the meringues will help you.
• After you cleared a majority of it roll the doughnut power up horizontally.
• This will give you vertical striped candies that will cut through chocolate and meringue.
• This will start to bring you ingredients down to the bottom.


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