Candy Crush Level 251 Cheats and Tips

Making vertical striped candy to cut through the licorice locks will give you a good start on this one. A striped and wrapped candy will work miracles.

Work in the jelly area as much as you can at the start, and work down the bottom of the board, but leave enough moves to set off the jelly fish: they will help you clear up the hard to get jelly.

• In this level you need to clear all the jelly.
• Start by clearing the licorice cages to get to the jelly.
• Once you get to the jelly make moves with the jelly fish that they gave you.
• This will help you clear some of the jelly.
• Make as many combo candies as you can to clear these jellies.
• Watch your moves.


Level 251-Breaking the licorice swirl cages is the first objective in this level. Find matches to start eliminating them quickly. Making special candy combinations such as striped and wrapped candy allows the licorice to clear efficiently and gives room to create special candies. Start working from the bottom but save the jelly fish for use towards the end. When jelly fish are mixed with special candies they are effective in eliminating the rest of the jelly. Keep an eye on the number of moves left and use them in the last ten or fifteen moves. Pay attention to make sure each move made can clear a block of jelly. There are no moves in this level to waste. Make each of them count towards the goal of eliminating the jelly on the board. Plan your moves carefully, and this level is easy to conquer.


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