Candy Crush Level 254 Cheats and Tips


The striped, the wrapped and the colour bomb you need are right there on the screen, but it’s not that easy to combine them to make the orders. Making matches on the bottom row is the easiest, The surprise bags may help you on your way, destroy any chocolate immediately. If you get really stuck, try using one of the colour bombs to take out a candy colour, and see whether that helps you to make more of the matches you need.

• In this order level you need to collect a striped + a striped candy, a wrapped +a wrapped candy, and a color bomb + a color bomb.
• Start making matches at the bottom to get rid of meringue and the marmalade coated boosters.
• The cool thing that this level gives you is one of each of the items you need to complete each order.
• All you have to do is come up with the other ones.
• Be careful when you detonate these off because they might destroy the other boosters you have.


In Candy Crush Saga level 254 you need to collect all of the orders and score 15,000 points.

The orders in level 254 to get are a striped and striped combination, wrapped and wrapped combination and color bomb and color bomb combination. The board is large with just a few double-layered meringue blockers and a striped candy, wrapped candy and color bomb in licorice surrounded with them. With 50 moves and mystery candies falling down randomly, this could look deceptively simple.

The hard part about this level is making the color bomb and color bomb combination. Try to get this first if you can and then work on the wrapped and wrapped candy combination as this is also pretty hard. Getting the color bombs next to each other is the hardest thing and if they are not in the same or adjacent columns then you will not be able to pair them up so you could set one off to give yourself a better chance of making another one or alternative striped candy. It is a risk though and choosing which one to set off could also be tricky. The striped pair should be easy to get compared to the others. You will need to be patient and look hard for every opportunity to make the matches that you need. If you see a possibility of making a striped candy then leave it and see whether it can make a color bomb instead after a few moves and do the same with the wrapped candy.

There are some boosters that could help in level 254. Starting with a color bomb or wrapped and striped booster could be really helpful, as could more moves as you will need as many as you can. The switch tool could be handy in the game to make the right pattern of candies to produce the special candy that you need.


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