Candy Crush Level 255 Cheats and Tips

Use your coconut wheels to make a dent in the meringues:try to mix them together so you get two entire columns of striped candy – failing that, send one down, which will cause the other one to drop, then send one up the way to hit the same meringues. Work into the wall with stripes and combos as much as you can to get the ingredients out, it’s a tough level, but if you manage to mix your coconut wheels, you’ll have a great head start.

• In this level you need to bring all the ingredients down to the bottom.
• Start by clearing some of the meringues.
• This will start opening a path for your ingredients to fall.
• After you get a majority open unlock the coconut wheels and move them horizontally.
• This will make vertical striped candies and they might just bring your ingredient straight down to the bottom.
• Open your mystery eggs and see if you get any special candies to help bring ingredients down.


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