Candy Crush Level 256 Cheats and Tips


Make as many matches as you can on the right until the candy starts running out, then set the jelly fish loose to clear up the remaining jelly. Use the end game to take out the final jellies that are left on the board with striped candy or combos.

If you have an opportunity to mix a jelly fish with a striped candy whilst there are still candies on the right hand side, do it. The jelly fish will take one layer off each of the double jelly, it’s up to you to do the rest.

• In this level you need to clear all the jelly.
• Start by clearing open the meringue on the right side.
• Once you open those start unlocking your jelly fish.
• The jelly fish will help you clear a lot of jelly on the left side of the board.
• Once that is done work on clearing the rest of the left side.
• Make combo candies to help you.


In Candy Crush Saga level 256 you need to clear the jelly and score 30,000 points.

There are two 4 x 10 boards and the left hand one is covered in double jelly. The right hand one has no jelly but a row of four layered meringues above 3 rows of jelly fish. You have just 25 moves to clear 40 double jellies. Once you start making matches on the left, you will realise that no more candies fall down to replace those that are matched. It is therefore wise to make all of the matches that you can on that side first. Then you need to work at removing the blockers and releasing the fish. They will eat some of the remaining jellies. You may need some well-placed horizontal striped candies or wrapped and striped combinations to help you remove the last of the jellies. A color bomb and striped may also help if horizontal striped candies are formed in the right places. You may need to be patient to wait until the game you play has the right opportunities for you. Do not waste moves and look for all the special candies that you can see as you do not get much of a chance to complete level 256.

Jelly fish boosters could be useful and the sweet tooth may be good for removing the meringue. Extra moves could be the best booster to use on level 256 though as there are very few moves in the game.


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