Candy Crush Level 257 Cheats and Tips


You have to make a lot of special combos to fulfill the orders. If you’re on iPhone, reshuffle the board until you have a layout where you can match three surprise bags together – they should help you to break through the meringue quickly and get a head start on the orders. Then work on the empty board, opening surprise bags whenever you can, to make the remaining orders.

Be careful not to destroy bigger combos you’ve been setting up when you mix your striped and striped candy, and try to take the wrapped and striped combo whenever you get a chance, as it’s usually harder to make this than even a colour bomb and striped.

• In this order level you need to collect a color bomb+ a striped candy, 2 striped + a wrapped candy, and 2 striped + a striped candy.
• Start by clearing the meringue to get to the mystery bags.
• The mystery bags are going to be full of surprises.
• Some with combo candies that will help you and some with chocolate to block you.
• Watch your moves and make sure you don’t detonate all the orders off at the same time because you might have to start over.


In Candy Crush Saga level 257 you need to collect all of the orders and score 25,000 points.

The orders that need to be collected in level 257 are one color bomb and striped combination, two wrapped and striped combinations and two striped and striped combination. The left, right and bottom parts of the board have mystery candies which are blocked in by double-layered meringue. You have just 35 moves.

The hardest combinations to make are the wrapped and striped, so try to make wrapped candies whenever you get the opportunity. Color bomb and striped are also tricky and so the pairs of stripes should be looked for last. However, if you do have a combination available then do make it or you may not get the opportunity again. If you cannot make the required special candies then work on the blockers so that you can release the mystery candies. They are risky, as they could contain bombs, chocolate or blockers but they could also contain the special candies that you require. They could be the key to completing the level, but there is an element of luck of course.

Starting with boosters on level 257 can be useful such as a color bomb or striped and wrapped combination. Extra moves can be good as well seeing as there are so few in the game. During the game, most boosters will not be that useful but it really depends how the game goes, for example if a mystery candy turns to chocolate you may want the sweet tooth.


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