Candy Crush Level 260 Cheats and Tips

Work down into the meringue from the center, not the sides, until you’ve uncovered the chocolate fountain. Try to move the time bombs close to the chocolate fountain when they appear on the board, and hopefully the chocolate will swallow them up.

Get to the Swedish Fish as soon as you can, and try your best to combine them with special candy to make more damage on the jelly. Use your final moves to clear up the remainder and make your way out of Delicious Drifts.

Level 260. This level has six jelly fish which help to meet the requirements of this level. Save them and try to mix them with special candies. Any special candies mixed with the jelly fish will provide more power to the jelly fish. There is a chocolate creator towards the middle of the board. Keep the chocolate production down by crushing through it whenever possible. Create as many special candies and combinations as achievable.. Clear an edge of the board and then progress towards the center. The center has the hardest meringue and higher- count hit blockers. The time- count bombs need to be eliminated, however, they are not as big a nuisance as they could be at this level. Often, they match themselves with minimal effort.


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