Candy Crush Level 262 Cheats and Tips

You may get some tempting Swedish Fish and colour bomb mixes here, but remember, they’re pretty much useless unless you’ve filled the empty jelly spaces on the left with candy beforehand. Use your first colour bomb to take out a candy colour that will remove a meringue instead, and once the candy has cascaded down into the left hand side, work from there.

Once you’ve broken that meringue barrier, this is a pretty straightforward level apart from the amount of time bombs and licorice blocks you’ll get cascading down that side. Once you’ve used up all the specials on the right, make all the rest of your moves on the left – you’ll clear the jelly eventually.

In Candy Crush level 262 target the mystery candies which are located at the bottom of the board. Hitting these establishes a solid start towards clearing the level. The objective of clearing the jelly on the left side of the board is facilitated by clearing the top meringue blocks. The first color bomb should be used on a color that is above the meringue as this will allow the candy to fall into the empty spaces on the left side of the board. Making candy fall into the left side of the board is a priority. Once this has been accomplished, it is essential to concentrate on removing the jelly. Dropping bombs and licorice twist blocks will need to be removed. Overall, this level is a straightforward game once the left side of the board is filled.



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