Candy Crush Level 263 Cheats and Tips

Get rid of the two 8-move time bombs at the bottom first, you should open some surprise bags along the way whilst you are diffusing the bombs and hopefully get some striped candy in there. The problem with the surprise bags is that you can easily end up detonating special candy before you’ve made your order of striped and striped: so try to set off any wrapped candy whilst the striped are still protected by marmalade.

Once you’ve made as many matches as you can using surprise bags, make striped candy whenever you can yourself. It’s easier to match the striped candy on the bottom row. If you get a colour bomb use it to reduce the number of candy on the screen and give yourself more opportunities to make striped. Not a complete cakewalk, but you should manage this in a few lives when the candy falls right.

In Candy Crush level 263 the nine meringue blockers in the middle of the board are the first target to remove. Wiping away the meringue is an essential component of clearing the level. Once the meringue is gone, target the row of mystery candies at the bottom of the board. Helpful candies are hiding there and, once activated, they work wonders in clearing jelly. The important area to avoid is the meringue under the bomb dispensers. There are four bomb dispensers which are kept in check with multi-hit meringue. They are to be saved for the very end to win the level. Not having to contend with bombs until the very last few moves is the secret to success in this level.



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