Candy Crush Level 265 Cheats and Tips

So here we have an ugly situation. 8 meringue pieces, with double jelly underneath, and the double jelly is below bomb dispensers. So, each time you clear a jelly piece, a new bomb appears in its place.

The ideal strategy would be to swap out the bombs onto the playing board and put a vertical striped candy in its place. That’s pretty difficult to achieve though. So, first, make moves in the middle of the board to get as many special candies as you can lined up without touching the meringue – horizontal striped candy and wrapped candy is particularly useful. Then, when you have a decent enough arsenal of special candy to attack the bombs, start crushing the first candies under the jelly.

Mixing a colour bomb with a striped candy is particularly effective on this level. If you manage to get a colour bomb try to hold on to it until you get a striped candy. That mix will help you clear the board and get onto the next level, but don’t count on it. Perseverance is the key!


In Candy Crush Saga level 265 you need to clear the jelly and score 40,000 points.

What makes level 265 so hard is that each piece of jelly is located under a bomb maker, there are eight of these and therefore eight jellies to destroy. On top of each jelly is a double-layered meringue. You get just 30 moves to complete the level.

The bombs produced are 12 move bombs and they are on a double layer of jelly. You need to keep a very close eye on the bombs but do not panic, If you decide to match a bomb quickly, then another will appear and you will spend the whole time working on the bombs rather than the jelly so consider the jelly as well.

The best way to conquer level 265 is to have a vertical striped candy in the column with the jelly in and zap it four pieces at a time. However, making horizontal striped ones can also be effective as it removes two at a time. A stripe and wrapped combination could also remove four jellies if carefully positioned. A color bomb can be really useful for taking out a certain color if a bomb of that color is about to go off. It can also be very useful combined with a stripe or wrapped candy if there are lots of other candies of that color in useful places such as on top of jellies. Combining two wrapped candies at the top of the board near to the jelly column could be very useful as well, as it drops down and explodes again it will remove even more jelly.

There is a lot of luck in this level and many people get stuck on it for a long time. You may find that some boosters help such as the jelly fish or bomb cooler. The lollipop hammer may also be good if you have just one jelly left and hardly any moves.



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