Candy Crush Level 266 Cheats and Tips

Work into the chocolate cross first, to make more room to get your striped candy. if you can work at the top and the middle of the board, without removing the candy directly under the dispenser, it will stop you from having to deal with time bombs. However, if you end up with time bombs coming down, a wrapped candy in the bottom corner is the most effective way to clear them up.

Be wary of the chain reactions that can happen on this level that could destroy the striped candy you have waiting to fire off, and don’t deal with the bombs until the last possible moves, as they will only be replaced by other time bombs.


In Candy Crush Saga level 266 you need to collect all orders and score 25,000 points.

The order is five striped candy pair combinations in 50 moves, which sounds pretty easy. However, not only does the board have twelve pieces of chocolate already on it, it has five chocolate makers and two bomb makers which produce 15 move bombs.

The main tip for level 266 is to avoid making matches that will release a bomb. However, that is easier said than done. Working at the top of the board will help, but it is never a guarantee as there may be matches that are made automatically lower down or setting off striped combinations could release them. Making color bombs can be handy because you will then be able to use it to remove the color candies that you have bombs for that are about to explode. Once you have done this you will have no candies of one color and therefore will be more likely to be able to make the matches that you need to form stripes. It is easy to get carried away with worrying about the bombs on level 266 and forgetting about the task in hand, so try to stay focussed.

A bomb cooler booster is probably the most useful booster to use on level 266. However, there is a lot of luck so play it a good few times before using any boosters so you know how best to tackle the board and take full advantage of them. A lollipop hammer could also be good for removing a bomb that is about to explode.


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