Candy Crush Level 267 Cheats and Tips

Another timed level with a twist – there’s plus fives sealed in the wall of meringues, but if you break the meringue on the top of the wall, bombs will start dropping down into play as well! Did we mention the chocolate fountains?

Work at the bottom as much as you can and avoid bringing the bombs into play for as long as you can. However, they will help you increase your score, as each bomb is worth 3,000 points and you have a lot of points to get! If a bomb is about to hit zero on your next move, but you’ve reached the required points, just let the timer run out unless you can diffuse it. That way you’ll clear the level without causing an explosion.

• This is a timed level.
• You need to reach 100,000 points in 90 seconds.
• In this level you have meringues at the top which are blocking bombs from falling down on the board.
• Keep In mind candy time bombs will give you 3,000 points each time you defuse them.
• Get to the middle meringue where the extra time is stored that way you can more time to get all the points you need.
• Work from the bottom making combo candies and whatever you can to get all the points you need.


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