Candy Crush Level 269 Cheats and Tips


The jelly is hidden under the licorice blockers, and when you remove the licorice blockers, you’ll end up with 15-move time bombs in that section.

You have marmalade coated jelly fish, but try to leave those until later. The best strategy is to get a number of striped candy on the board, or mix a wrapped and stripe candy, or combine the marmalade coated colour bomb with a striped candy, so that the licorice blocks are replaced with actual candy. Then, when you have a mix of candy and time bombs on the jelly squares, instead of licorice blocks, mix your jelly fish with a special candy, so that they do the maximum damage possible.

Once you’ve got rid of the first wave of bombs, you may end up with licorice blocks again, which will give you a few more moves to set up your attack. It’s good to try and save a colour bomb to take care of any bombs you may not be able to reach in time. Keep some striped candy around, too, if you can. Always look for matchs in the actual jelly area for a helping hand to clear this level.

In Candy Crush level 269 the board has a color bomb and fish stuck in jelly along the left side and right lower corner. The fish are important to clearing the required jelly covered with licorice twists. Use the color bomb to mix with any special candy created. The fish should be mixed with special candy also such as striped, wrapped, or color bomb. The powering up of the fish take care of double jelly in the lower left side of the board. Fourteen-count candy bombs will drop once a layer of jelly is destroyed under the bomb dispensers. Setting up stripped candy and having fish clear for use is the main secret to accomplishing this level. A bit of planning prior to clearing jelly under the dispensers will make it trouble-free to win.


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