Candy Crush Level 270 Cheats and Tips


Work exclusively in the middle on this level, so you don’t set off the bomb dispensers on the sides. You’ll get licorice blocks streaming down taking over the board, but don’t worry, only focus on crushing the ones that have jelly underneath.

If you do get a bomb, check that need to destroy it before wasting valuable moves destroying it. If you only have a few squares of jelly left, the chances are you’ll clear that up more easily than you will the bomb.


In Candy Crush Saga level 270 you need to clear the jelly and score 115,000 points.

The level has three columns of double layered jelly in the middle with licorice swirl makers at the top. On the two end columns there are alternate bomb makers, eight in total which produce bombs that explode after five moves. You have 30 moves to complete level 270.

The most obvious tip is to avoid the bomb makers. If you keep to the middle five columns then you should be able to succeed without releasing any bombs. This can be surprisingly easy. The difficult part is actually the licorice as it blocks the jellies making them difficult to clear in the small number of moves. Vertical stripes can help clear lots of jellies as long as there are not too many licorice swirls in the way. A centrally placed wrapped candy can also remove a significant amount of jellies as well.

There is quite a bit of luck in this level, in having the right candies to enable matches that will clear the jelly. It is worth taking the level slowly and being patient, looking for the best possible matches each time as there are so few moves.

There are not that many boosters that help in level 270. Extra moves could be useful as could a bomb cooler and sweet tooth to remove liquorice. A lollipop hammer could be good to remove the last few jellies or a bomb that is about to explode.

Candy Crush level 270: This level requires quick creation of special candies to use in combinations. You have only thirty moves on this level and each move must eliminate jelly, or create a special candy in order to clear it. The jelly is double-layered which makes special candy essential, and the center has all of the jelly, so concentrate on eliminating it without wiping out the candy under the bomb dispensers. The count move on the bombs is only five, so make sure your moves do not disturb the dispensers. Create vertical stripes and use the combinations in the middle. This level is not difficult if you stick to the center and avoid the bombs.


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